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Global Learning Center is a technology-centered instructional learning facility that uses research based technology programs to target student achievement. Through the use of computers, our programs train sub-skills that enable students to achieve permanent gains.

Significant core curriculum content is offered in the areas of Reading, Language Arts, Math, Writing, Social Studies and Science for students in Kindergarten through twelfth grade. Tutoring is provided by certified teachers who work one-on-one with students to deliver individualized instruction.

We are able to offer the Fast ForWord® software program as well to help develop the brain’s ability to process efficiently. This program was developed by neuroscientists and based on research on how the brain learns. It actually rewires the brain which results in strengthening language, cognitive and auditory processing skills.

The key to student success is the differentiating educational services we offer at Global Learning Center, LLC. The programs we use provide the means for all students to become proficient on state standards and assessments. The effectiveness of the intervention solutions have been proven through clinical studies and research. The results confirm that the methodology used are effective with struggling students in elementary, middle and high school, to include students performing ‘at’ or ‘below’ grade level on end of grade or end of course tests, Limited English Proficient learners, and special education students.