About Us

Who We Are

  A family owned business, Global Learning Center, LLC opened its doors in January, 2009. We are a technology-based tutoring center that creates intervention solutions to help raise student achievement. We use research based technology programs to help at-risk students to build fluency in the foundational skills of reading and math. Through the use of computers, our programs enable students to attain permanent gains in achievement. 

What We Do

 Global Learning Center offers significant core curriculum content in English Language Arts (Reading/Comprehension) and Math for grades K - 12+. All tutoring is one-on-one with a certified teacher for every student. Our goal is to fill in the holes and gaps in the foundational learning so that the student has a solid foundation to learn new knowledge. 

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How It Works

  • The programs used at Global Learning Center were designed by neuroscientists and based on research on how the brain learns. The intervention programs offered are structured and sequential and utilize a systematic approach to help struggling students become proficient.
  • Students complete a placement test to identify performance goals. From this assessment, an Individualized Training Program tailored to the student's individual strengths and weaknesses is created.
  • Tutors work with students on activities assigned through the Individual Training Program and provide immediate feedback on the skills the student is working.

Our Success

 The key to student success is the differentiating educational services we offer at Global Learning Center. The methodology integrates proven instructional and behavioral principles to address skill development and learner motivation through the use of computers, while providing individualized intervention strategies with one-on-one instruction with certified teachers.  

Our Logo

 The Global Learning Center logo represents education in the 21st century. The apple is for instruction; the world stands for global; and the color green symbolizes saving the environment by using technology instead of paper and pencil tasks. 

Mission Statement

 Global Learning Center is committed to enhancing the educational experience of students who are having difficulty attaining fundamental skills, especially in the areas of reading and math, and recognize the importance of these skills for students to become functional and productive participants in today’s competitive society.